LONG before Isay turned six months old, my wife and I had already discussed getting her on solid food. The little bunny had been exclusively breastfeeding before that and it was time to amp up her feeding time.

(Note: She still breastfeeds. When my wife is at work, she nurses expressed milk from the bottle. We are hoping this lasts as long as it can. The benefits have been invaluable, to say the least. We always tell friends and family how, during a flu epidemic that rocked the house, Isay was the only one untouched.)

We had previously spoken to Isay’s pedia and read up on every available literature we could get our hands on. We went through everything we learned and deciced to begin the next chapter of Isay’s life.

She was kinda excited about it too.

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A kind of challenging, somehow funny, day

AS IT turned out, the first sign that it was going to be a tough and testy day taking care of Isay was staring at me all along every time I looked at the little girl I was cradling in my arms.

Except that I didn’t see the sign. It was pointed out to me by the wife when the day was over.

“You put Isay’s dress on backward,” she said. She had just arrived from work and was beginning the tedious process of cleaning and sterilizing the bottles to store tomorrow’s expressed milk.

“No way,” I protested, rather vehemently. “Only someone really dumb and stup…”

“The buttons are supposed to go at the back,” she said.

OHHHHHH. So the buttons were supposed to be here.
OHHHHHH. So the buttons were supposed to be here.

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