Hiraeth (A Father’s Day post)

(Before I begin, allow me to apologize for not having posted for quite some time. Three months, yes? Between covering Manny Pacquiao’s last fight and some seismic shifts in the office, things have been pretty hectic my end and there was little time to update my blogs. Hope this post makes up for lost time.)

I had always been fascinated with the word ever since I encountered it a few years ago.


It is said that the word, which has Welsh roots, has no direct English translation. After cursory research on it, I understood why. English even struggles to define hiraeth. I came across several attempts to define the word in English, and three caught my attention. There are dictionaries that refer to it as that intense longing or yearning for one’s homeland. Some define it as some sort of melancholic homesickness for a home one can never return to. Then there is my favorite: A longing; a heart-gutting yearning to belong that dissipates only after one finally finds his home.

That last definition is what resonates with me a lot.

I just wanted to post a random photo of Isay.

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When she sleeps

ONE of my most favorite things on earth nowadays is watching Isay sleep.

There are very few things in this world that can compare to the sight of a little innocent girl lost in some dreamland that you cannot even fathom. She has a look that has just the right mix of vulnerability, contentment and bliss that makes you sigh like nothing else can and creates a sense of envy inside you.

Only a child can sleep with that “measure of calm and peace that all of us seek and never really find.”

The only thing we can do is stay awake at night, keep our eyes open and stare admiringly at those who can.

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