Best of #morningswithisay

I’VE been chronicling Isay’s journey in this world via different platforms. I have a little baby journal where I write letters to the little bugger when I feel like it. Lately, that means once a month—on her monthsary date. There are photos in the journal too. Over at Facebook, I have a public album where I post one photo a day, a selfie with Isay accompanied by random thought balloons.

In almost all of those photos, I make up comments that she cracks based on how she looks in the picture. What’s unwritten, but implied, is my end of the conversation.

It will be too much of a hassle to import the whole set (as of this writing, Isay’s been with me for 74 days already) so I’ve decided to share some of the best ones in this post. And then from hereon, I’ll try coming up with a best for the week based on the likes each photo gets.

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