BECAUSE babies tend to mutter a lot of gibberish, there’s a chance that she will get lucky and cobble a couple of syllables that would sound like a legit word. So the rule the wife and I had for determining Isay’s first word would be that she actually has an understanding of what she is saying.

Isay’s first word was mama. Sometimes, that would morph into ma-me. But it was her first word because she understands what she wants when she says mama. She wants her mother.

It’s understandable. Not only is mama made up of the two easiest syllables for babies, Isay and her mom are like best friends.





Naturally, I tried to coax “da-de” or “da-da” out of her. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

So I tried to “bribe” her with banana so she would make daddy her second word. So I’d hold a banana in front of her (Isay is crazy about bananas), and gestured to her that I’d give her a banana if she called me daddy or da-de.

It took a lot of patient and gentle teaching before Isay had her second word.





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