Isay turns one

I guess the first and most celebrated milestone of any baby is the day she turns one. There are people who plan these events like they were planning weddings. Seriously. The wife began making plans for Isay’s first birth anniversary the day after she was baptized. Isay was just four months old during her christening.

It’s a funny thing because if you really think about it, the one birthday you’re bound to have absolutely no recollection of is your first.

But in an age where you can easily pack memories into digital packages and unbox them years later looking like they happened just yesterday, celebrating a first birthday gives you a chance to create time capsules that you can show your kid when she grows up—you know, to give her an idea what the world was like when she turned one.

People looked like this during that time?

The early preparation gave us a stress-free lead-up to the event. It helped that our caterer was the same one from our wedding and Isay’s baptism so we knew they would deliver and didn’t have to worry about that anymore. The venue was small enough to be cozy and intimate but large enough to hold close to 80 close friends and family. We had photobooth!

BTS of the photobooth

The photobooth came with an event photographer so it was a neat little package that allowed us to save a few pesos. The photographs weren’t as gorgeous as I would have wanted, but since it was a throw-in to the photobooth (which everyone had fun with anyway) and with people snapping up gorgeous photographs with their smartphones and cameras, there was no need to throw a fit anymore.

(If you want recommendations on caterer, venue and photobooth, let me know where I can message you privately).

And there were bubbles, which Isay loves a lot.



With Ninong Denison, who took the pictures posted here.

Most of all, we had the greatest guests. Everyone showered Isay with love and affection—and even brought gifts!

It’s probably true, what they say, that the first birthday is really a celebration by the parents. But in our case, we also wanted to do this so we could create memories for Isay while she is at the age where she can’t create her own. At this stage of a toddler’s life, everything she sees and hears will dissolve into a black, indistinguishable haze by the time she learns to store and fetch childhood memories.

And the guests made sure the memories we created for Isay would be something she would cherish once we unveil them to her.

Happy birthday, li’l peanut! I love you!







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