THERE are times in one’s life when you can only wish that life slows down. These are breakneck-speed times and days whiz by almost impossibly fast that sometimes you can only gasp for breath then sigh later at the moments that just passed you by.

Isay turned four months old recently. And still I wake up thinking that the wife gave birth yesterday. Four months. Four months? How did four months just suddenly slip past me?


It’s like, one day you’re counting milestones and the next day, bam! She’s four months old.

Just recently, the wife and I went to apply for Isay’s passport. Her passport! Crazy, right?

Oh well. There’ve been very few problems so far with Isay. She’s been getting her regular checkups, and every thing that we worry about–her coughing, sneezing and her size–didn’t raise alarm bells with her pediatrician. She’s doing well and we were told not to worry–everything is going as planned.

Turns out, her size is fine. We just did not notice she was growing bigger.

Every day, I find new reason to fall in love with her. One morning, she woke up ahead of me and she reached out for my cheek. It turned ut to be a surprising slap, but still, it was a first for me. She has done that with her mom already. A lot. Mostly, that happens in the middle of the night when she wakes up for feeding.

She’s also grown to be a lot more “talkative,” and she can spend time “chatting” her way throughout her bath. Except, of course, when there’s basketball on TV. Nothing distracts her from basketball. Which is great, except for the part where she seems to have an inclination for the Golden State Warriors. Baby girl, hereabouts, it’s the Boston Celtics we root for. Or the New York Knicks. Or the Chicago Bulls.

She hasn’t started crawling yet. Some baby sites say that this is about the age when they start to become mobile. So far, her movements are restricted. She can reach for a toy and grab hold of it, but she hasn’t graduated into a full crawl just yet. She does, however, have that inclination to sit up a lot. When you prop her on a boppy pillow for a bottle-feeding session, she anchors an elbow on it and grabs the cloth. She then simultaneously pushes off with her elbow and pulls with her hand to move into sitting position.

And then smiles wonderfully at her accomplishment.

A lot of times, when she does this, I have to lean her back. At this age, i don’t think she should be sitting up just yet. The normal process should be she learns to crawl first before sitting up. If she insists on sitting up (and it’s so hard to resist that smile!), I cheat her by propping more pillows behind her to support her back.

Or, I lean her on my lap and then slowly incline the angle until she is half-lying, half-sitting.

We’ve added a twist to our morning routine recently. When I have breakfast, I usually pull her crib by the table so I can watch her while I eat. For her fourth month, we began a new tradition of turning on the TV to news channels and we discuss the news for the day. I explain to her things that are happening in the country and all over the world, and she looks back at me with these round questioning eyes and then blurts out “waawawawawaoooh.”

It excites me to find out what she really means when she converses with me over breakfast. Is she interested at all in current events? Does she crave the grilled cheese sandwich I have in my hand? Would she want to share my cup of coffee? One of these days, I will have my answers to these questions. But while I anticipate the arrival of that day, I’m not exactly in a hurry for it to get here. I can wait.

It’s more important for me for time to slow down. I love the alone moments I spend with her. Those are the times I’ve waited for all my life.



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