Mornings with Isay, October

I almost forgot to upload October’s favorites.

It was a great month. I celebrated my first birthday as a dad, Isay began slowly turning to her side. She was flashing gummy smiles and I was two weeks into doing a bigger share of child-rearing responsibilities. The wife had just maxed out her maternity leave and it was time for me to step up to the plate. There were a lot of nervous moments (try giving your baby a bath for the first time!), but things slowly smoothened out as the days passed.

If ever there was a month where mornings with Isay took off on a deeper, more special meaning, October was it. More sunshine walks together. Basketball chats while I bathed her. Breakfasts where I’d pull her crib to the dining table so we could “talk” while I ate. Isay slowly getting used to me feeding her through the bottle.

All good. All good.

And now for October’s top daily pics:

oct10/02/2015 Morning 065… Isay: “Let us put ourselves in deep contemplation dad, and ponder the troubling cosmic question; what is fatter, my cheeks or my arms?”

octa10/04/2015 Morning 067… Isay: “Dad, you copy Manny Pacquiao’s face then I’ll copy his stance. Game?”

oct110/06/2015 Morning 069… Isay: “Let’s do another serious artsy pose dad. Mmmmphhhrhrhrhrhahahaha! I’m sorry I can’t hahahaha! Sorry!”

oct210/09/2015 Morning 072… Isay: “Yes! I got my dad to wake up early in the morning! Hahaha!”

oct310/12/2015 Morning 075… Isay: “Shhh… I’m trying to put daddy to sleep!”

oct410/13/2015 Morning 076… Isay: “Dad, do you notice how people like my smile?”


Well, there you go. Again, the monthly selection depends on how many likes the daily photos get. These photos, by the way, are all uploaded on the Mornings With Isay album on my Facebook account. See you at the end of November!



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